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Prices dropped by ~ 40% on Workbook PDFs!!!

Stage-5 takes the Difficulty Level one or two notches higher as compared to Stage-4, for all types of sums. Aim is to challenge the Brain further to help develop it's abilities further, in terms of Speed of Thinking, Concentration, Memory, Alertness, Visualisation, etc. 


As mentioned in the Stage-4 description, only those students will be able to handle this level of Difficulty, who have been Sincere with Regular Abacus Practice till now.


Stage-5 also introduces students to one new procedure: Subtraction Borrowing Method. I have explained this through a series of videos, which you will find on this page:


Stage-5 PDF comprises of 34 pages and it also contains over 2500 practice sums.


The Answer Key has been provided to make it very convenient to check the accuracy of the answers after solving the sums. This will save a lot of time for the Parent/Teacher & also help improve Accuracy for the student by correcting the mistakes in time.

Stage-5 Abacus Workbook PDF + Answer Key

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹249.00Sale Price
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