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After learning the use of all the Addition & Subtraction Formulas on the Abacus in Stage-1 of the course, it becomes important to build CONFIDENCE in use of all those Formulas. Hence Stage-2 is focused on that aspect. Practice Sums in Stage-2 are designed to help you get exposure to all possible situations for use of each Addition & Subtraction formula. The Difficulty Level is certainly a notch higher than the sums in Stage-1. But with Practice, Learners are able to solve even these higher Difficulty sums at a faster pace than in Stage-1.

Stage-2 also introduces the Learner to the Multiplication on Abacus procedure. It is a fairly simple procedure, provided the Learner is already well versed with all 1-digit number tables. Videos for understanding the Multiplication procedure are shared on this page:


The PDF is to be printed on normal A4 size sheets in Landscape mode (horizontal mode), single side printing. You will need 28 sheets for Stage-2 workbook.


Around 2500 practice sums are packed in Stage-2 Workbook to help the learner build good confidence in use of all the Addition & Subtraction Formulas in all possible situations.


The Answer Key has been provided to make it very convenient to check the accuracy of the answers after solving the sums. This will save a lot of time for the Parent/Teacher & also help improve Accuracy for the student by correcting the mistakes in time.

Stage-2 Abacus Workbook PDF + Answer Key

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₹249.00Sale Price
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