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Prices dropped by ~ 40% on Workbook PDFs!!!

All New Learners need to start from Stage-1. After getting a little friendly with identifying numbers on the Abacus, one needs to proceed with Learning of Addition & Subtraction procedure on the Abacus. 

{ You will find direct link to Playlist of all Abacus Lesson Videos for Stage-1 on this page: }


The Addition & Subtraction formulas are to be Learnt & Practiced in a proper sequence. I have arranged the Lesson Videos in the Playlist in that order. So you need to learn a new concept & then Practice the sums designed for it from the Workbook. Only after that proceed to the next concept. Yes, understand & practice one concept at a time & then move to the next one. All the Addition & Subtraction Formulas are covered in Stage-1 itself, so that we can then move to higher Difficulty Level in Stage-2 onwards.


The PDF is to be printed on normal A4 size sheets in Landscape mode (horizontal mode), single side printing. You will need 34 sheets for Stage-1 workbook.


More than 2000 practice sums are packed in Stage-1 Workbook to help a new learner build good confidence in use of all the Addition & Subtraction Formulas on sums involving 2-digit numbers.


In addition to that, Stage-1 workbook also has ample pages for Practice of 1-digit Multiplication Tables in random order. All Learners need to be very well prepared (by-heart) with 1-digit number tables by the time we complete Stage-1, so that the concept of Multiplication on Abacus can be easily understood in Stage-2.


The Answer Key has been provided to make it very convenient to check the accuracy of the answers after solving the sums. This will save a lot of time for the Parent/Teacher & also help improve Accuracy for the student by correcting the mistakes in time.

Stage-1 Abacus Workbook PDF + Answer Key

₹399.00 Regular Price
₹249.00Sale Price
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