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Welcome to AnkMitra Abacus & Maths


Regular Abacus Practice can help boost our mental ability in multiple ways:

  • Increased thinking Speed / Alertness

  • Sharper Memory

  • Better Concentration

  • Much superior Numerical Skills

  • Visualisation ability develops in kids

Learning Abacus & gaining the Huge Benefits of it's Regular Practice is now possible for people of all ages & from any location, from the convenience of your own home.

  •  Learn all the Abacus calculation methods & procedures with the help of videos I have shared on my                                 YouTube Channel.

  • Order Abacus instrument & Workbooks (PDFs or Hard Copy) from my WebStore.

  • Practice Regularly to improve your confidence & speed with Abacus Calculations.

  • Brain Exercise generated from Abacus Practice will automatically do it's job as you Practice.

Maintain Discipline of Regular Practice.



Direct Links to curated Playlists on my YouTube channel

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