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  About AnkMitra's Abacus Course  

* Abacus course is more of a practice-based course. Students who Practice Sincerely will actually benefit most from the course.

* All the basic arithmetic calculations using the Abacus are covered in the Abacus Course. We start with small numbers & small sums, while learning all the formulas & methods. And then progressively increase the Difficulty Level to help improve Speed & Confidence amongst the students.

* Through my YouTube Videos, I have explained each & every concept/method with multiple examples to help anyone interested to Learn & Practice Abacus and benefit from the Brain Exercise generated.

* The Brain Exercise starts getting generated as students achieve good speed in doing Abacus Calculations, while maintaining good accuracy. Being Regular & Sincere with Abacus Practice is the key.

* Abacus can be learnt by all interested people in the age group of 7 to 70+ years. Everyone can benefit from the Brain Exercise generated from Regular Abacus Practice.

* AnkMitra's Abacus course is spread over 5 Stages. All the Formulas needed for Addition & Subtraction on Abacus are covered in Stage-1 with small numbers & sums to help a new learner get a grip of the concept.

* Stage-2 onwards the Difficulty is increased in a step-by-step manner to help boost the Learner's Confidence.

* Multiplication on Abacus starts in Stage-2 of the course, while Division starts in Stage-3. Students need to know tables of all 1-digit numbers by-heart before they reach Stage-2.

* Brain Exercise is mainly generated from practice of challenging Addition & Subtraction sums on Abacus. Multiplication & Division on Abacus procedures are relatively very easy & do not put much stress on the Brain. But the Brain Exercise generated from Addition/Subtraction sums help in boosting speed in Multiplication / Division sums for all Learners. 

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