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My name is Mandar Sherbet. I started AnkMitra Abacus & Maths in July'2010. Initially it was mainly about helping more kids gain knowledge about Abacus methods, so that they can ultimately gain from the amazing Brain Exercise benefits.

In October'2011, I was approached by parents of some of my existing students. They were looking for someone to coach their kids prepare for several Maths Competitive Exams. Once I checked the syllabus & some past Question Papers, I immediately jumped to the idea of coaching these kids myself. I was always a big fan of Logic-based Maths problem solving skills. These skills will help any student immensely in later years, both professionally as well as in several circumstances in everyday life.

Since July'2010, till March'2020 when CoVID lockdowns hit us all, AnkMitra Abacus & Maths must have positively impacted the Numerical & Logic-based Mathematical skills of several hundred kids in my town. Since March'2020, I have tried spreading the knowledge of Abacus & Maths through my YouTube channel. And I am glad that my efforts have been well appreciated. Thanks to the internet medium, I have been able to help thousands of Learners (of all ages) gain more knowledge about Abacus & Maths.

Apart from teaching Abacus & Maths, I am also into a few other Numbers-related activities, where application of Mathematical Logic is very important. My favourite activity is related to the Stock Market, where I love Analysing businesses to imagine their future potential. And based on that check whether they are worth investing in at the existing valuations. I have shared some of my thoughts & analysis through videos on my 2nd YouTube Channel:

StocksLogic by Mandar Sherbet.

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